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December 11, 2014 at 7:11 pm

AllCast Premium v1.1.6.4 Apk

allcast premium v1 1 6 4 apk AllCast Premium v1.1.6.4 Apk


AllCast lets you send photos and movies in your Android’s to your TV!

AllCast supports:
* Roku
* Apple TV
* Xbox 360, Xbox One
* Samsung Smart TVs
* Panasonic Smart TVs
* Google TV (Logitech Revue, etc)
* DLNA Renderers

Coming soon: track toughen!
Chromecast shall be supported when Google permits it!

What’s New
Refreshed material icon thanks to Liam Spradlin
Fix Chromecast volume button crash
Put off the want to have an electron microscope available when studying the in app changelog.
Fix crashes on ICS/Jellybean

Release info:
Premium features are enabled!


Download File

Download File
From Google Drive