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December 7, 2014 at 4:01 am

Cinema Game_RAGE v0.0.53 Apk



Gio, in looking for the reality, uncovers darkish and mysterious clues that encompass Full Moon’s disappearance.

In his pursuit, Gio finds himself head to head with various characters – Charles, the nerdy hacker, Celine, the beautiful heiress, and Yeondu, the band vocalist with an attitude.
The secrets of the previous expose their testimonies as you are making your way against the reality!
What will become the fate of Gio and the others?

1. The World’s first Cinema Game.
– The revolutionary work of art produced with the aid of the highest Korean directors and actors.
– 7 full in-game soundtracks produced with the aid of grasp artists.
– Have interaction in one of the best crossover between game and movie for the first time for your existence.

2. Solid storyline written by way of prime class writers.
Enter the world of RAGE, and really feel the extreme storyline and renowned Korean actors by using your self!
Make a choice correctly, as your determination will make variations within the destiny of each and every persona

3. A lot of varieties of mini-games for richer entertainment.
Check your self towards over 14 completely different mini-games to uncover hidden clues!

Tips before setup:

1. Make sure your AOS version is 4.1 or higher.
2. For those who stumble upon any problems all over set up, we suggest deleting unimportant/useless functions to steady sufficient disk space and re-download the game.
3. In-recreation textual content is in keeping with surroundings of your smartphone. To change the language, please run “settings – language and input – language”. RAGE supports 2 languages including English and Japanese.
4. If you have any kinds of game related inquiries, please send us inquiries via email inside the in-game customer support heart.
You can find our customer center at: In-game > Option > CS Center


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