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December 10, 2014 at 6:32 pm

Daggervale v1.4.0 + Mod Apk



Note: Daggervale is only available in English!

BONUS: For a limited-time only, house owners of the whole version will obtain an unique in-game item! The ‘Pirate Hat of Pillaging’! which provides a 10+ bonus to luck!

Daggervale is focused against mid to excessive finish devices, we HIGHLY recommend you play the demo to ensure the game will run correctly for your device! Furthermore, save games from the demo will NOT port over to the full version of the game!

* Story *
The town of Oakvale is a small and peaceable city in the Old Forest, its inhabitants work onerous tending the fields and the city is bursting with commerce and trade. And as far as man can remember, the dungeon gate has stood on the head of city, full of highly effective beasts and glorious loot! Many adventurers before you have launched into the grand ride of harvesting the dungeons wealth, yet none have lived to inform the story. Might you be first the defeat the dungeon lord that lurks beneath? And gather the bounty that every one others dream of? Step forth adventurer! Will you be triumphant?

* About *
Daggervale is a 3D hack & cut back dungeon crawler that options randomly generated levels, gadgets, monsters, quests and a ton extra of content material that’s certain to convey hours of enjoyment to the player!


Download File

Download File
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