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December 22, 2014 at 5:55 am

Pet Rock 2 – Planet Simulator v2.0.0 Apk



Pet Rock 2 is an exoplanet introduction/simulation recreation in accordance with actual planetary science.

You commence with a easy rock in area. Select your celebrity kind, modify the parameters of your planet’s orbit, chemical make-up, and bombard it with meteors. Watch your planet develop and alter–and if the prerequisites are proper, watch because it develops lifestyles. Make a gasoline massive with a crushing environment and a dozen moons, a tidally-locked ice planet, or a densely populated terrestrial world… it is all as much as you!

— Extra science!
— Lots of of various planet varieties and combos
— In-depth stat display displaying your planet’s present mass, temperature, gravity, orbital length and extra!
— Situations buttons: rain down comets and meteors in your planet to offer it water and carbon, or kill off lifestyles with an enormous asteroid.
— Screenshot characteristic: keep an image of your planet to share with pals!
— Up to date Stars: more than a few actual superstar sorts to choose between, each and every with its personal distinctive shade, temperature, and lifespan. Need a problem? Select a crimson dwarf or a scorching blue large.
— New unique track
— Moons!


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