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November 30, 2014 at 1:41 am

Pocket Heroes v1.0.4 + v1.1.2 (Free Shopping) Apk



Enter a world of epic fantasy combat now!

Pocket Heroes is a good roleplaying and actual-time technique recreation, right here which you could raise an elite team of heroes, each with their very own wonderful skills, and lead them in frantic actual-time battles towards monsters.

Enter a Kingdom locked in fight the place swords, weapons and magic conflict. Carve a path through countless monsters, combat the Cyclops, the wasteland worm, a giant man-consuming plant, former brothers in hands, and even a dragon on a holy campaign in opposition to crafty and robust demons who have tainted Camelot.

King Arthur is murdered by demons and the realm plunges into chaos. As the only real survivor of the assault, you, Sir Eric, commander of the royal guard embark on a quest to avenge King Arthur and restore order to the Kingdom.

— Features —
• Construct a formidable team from a large number of persona classes, and struggle loopy monsters in real-time battle!
• A difficult and incredible world of over 80+ enemies, including tiny goblins, great dragons, angry orcs and noble elves!
• Go back and forth within the kingdom of King Arthur and complete your legend story in so many beautiful scenes.
• Changing your heroes and customise them with 100+ spells! Summoning an angel, or becoming an angel? Your choice!
• Over 800+ gear to assemble! Upgrade your equipments and turn into perfect of the best!
• Share your feats for bonus, and share your enjoyable of this superior roleplaying game with friends!
• Challenge boss along with gamers all over the world!


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