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November 22, 2014 at 9:15 pm

Spirit1: Real FM Radio 4 AOSP v2014_11_20 Apk



Spirit FM Radio Unlocked is a real, tuned, “over the air” FM radio app. It can be NOT a streaming app requiring dear, battery eating knowledge plans.

No FM Support: US/LTE Galaxy S/S2/S3/Note/Note2 and lots of others usually are not in a position to FM. US carriers usually are not permitting FM until they are able to “monetize” it: http://discussion
Delight assured or full refund. Cancel any time on request. Are trying so long as you need. The 15 minute rule does not apply. I have cancelled orders over a year old, however that is mostly for Light to Unlocked upgrades for the associated fee distinction.
Spirit is usually for Android lovers who “root” & “ROM” their phones. However it additionally works on many stock, “store bought” phones, with or and not using a inventory FM app.
On supported devices, Spirit is the only FM app supporting all these digital audio features:
– A2DP Bluetooth headset support.
– CD high quality stereo recording.
– Internal Waveform and FFT frequency visualization with correct 5 dB occasions 1 octave grid, from 43 Hz to 22 KHz.
– Exterior visualizers, equalizers and results.
Digital supported on: rooted International Galaxy S/S2/S3/Note/Note2/Player, rooted HTC One/OneXL/OneS/Evo 4G LTE/Xperia T and most inventory Sony 2012-2013 units.
Spirit contains:
– Personal & Fast tech improve for all units you own from me, the developer, proprietor and only “employee”. 🙂 For problems, use Menu-> Test-> Email-> Logs & after 20 seconds press Send.
– Digital audio features on supported devices (see above): Bluetooth, Record, Visualization, Equalizer & Effects.
– RDS information show in App, Lock-screen & Notification window. RT, PS, PTY, PI & AF RadioText RT, Program Service PS, Program Type PTY, Program ID PI & Alternate Frequency AF.
– Lock-screen & Wired Headset Media Button support for mute, preset, seek, extent & file.
– Many settings: Audio, UI, AF, Digital & Debug categories.
– Unlimited Presets & Preset Lists.
Spirit is just not a one time buy. It is ongoing technical help, fixes, new software toughen & options.
I am one developer and Spirit FM Radio is my most effective app and profits. I am looking to do a job Google stated they could not for lack of developer resources. 🙂
I for my part solution every email or post on my XDA thread, regularly inside 12-24 hours, 7 days a week.
Your support will lend a hand maintain Spirit FM Radio alive and improving.
Thanks !


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Download File
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