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December 8, 2014 at 11:36 pm

SquareHome.Tablet (Launcher) Full v1.5.7 Apk



‘SquareHome.Tablet’ is a new launcher application with Windows Metro UI. This can be utilized very smartly for capsules in addition to phone. Enjoy the usability and beauty of this launcher.

Benefit from the usability and fantastic thing about this launcher.
You should use the next features very intuitively with ‘SquareHome.Tablet’.
– create a tile by dragging an application, shortcut or widget.
– resize the tile by dragging right-bottom corner.
– keep watch over the scale of widget in a tile by clicking the centeral button when resizing it.
– alternate the type and form of a tile.
– so many kinds are supported: auto picture, customized picture, CPU load, on hand reminiscence, battery stage, neglected calls, unread messages, unread Gmails, date/time…
– apply a theme or icon pack easily.f000h
– make group of tiles and set the group label by tapping the header of it.
– create a folder by dragging the group header.
– straightforward seek for applications, shortcuts and widgets.
– disguise pointless applications.
– assign behaviors to many gestures.
– other many intuitive features.
I do not explain long. Give it a try. 🙂
Keyword: Metro UI, tiles

What’s New
– unlocked ‘Icon pack’ option
– added new option: ‘disable tile menu when locked’
– fixed some bugs
– supports Hungarian
– fixed some bugs
– supports L1/R1 button (SquareHome.Tablet)
– fixed some bugs
– fixed some bugs
– supports German
– better 3D scrolling (SquareHome.Tablet)
– fixed some bugs
– supports Belarusian
– supports d’pad navigation for SquareHome.Tablet
– fixed some bugs and optimized
– fixed some bugs


Download File

Download File
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