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December 6, 2014 at 2:44 am

Wildlife Simulator: Crocodile v1.0 Apk



Stalk your prey through murky swamp waters and reside existence as a Crocodile!

Live to tell the tale in far flung wetlands full of bad carnivores! Begin your individual crocodile family, chomp on some tasty fish, and struggle on your life against wild predators like snakes, wolves, and hawks!

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Game Features
+ REALISTIC SIMULATOR – You’ll wish to take care of your health, hunger, thirst, and power when you are going to survive within the opposed swamp!
+ EPIC BATTLES – Use your ferocious bite, powerful tail, and swift pace to capture tasty snacks and combat bad animals!
+ START A FAMILY – Find a mate to bond with and lift your very family of crocodiles to help you hunt! Watch your infants develop in dimension and make it easier to in combat!
+ LEVEL UP YOUR CROC – Acquire expertise by defeating different animals and degree up your crocodiles to extend their well being, assault harm, and even unlock new assaults just like the Death Roll!
+ SWAMP SURVIVAL GUIDE – Seem to your to hand survival information for knowledge on enemy animals, a map of the swamp, crocodile customizations, and much more!
+ HUGE 3D ENVIRONMENT – Your crocodile is free to discover the huge open-world wetlands stuffed with bad carnivores, tall grass, and a murky pools of water!
+ NEW TOUCH-BASED CONTROLS – Brand new intuitive controls let you navigate your crocodile like never before! Pinch to zoom and play from your croc’s perspective or get a bird’s eye view of the action!
+ HD GRAPHICS – Stunning High Definition graphics will transport you to remote swamplands stuffed with murky waters and luxurious greenery!
+ GLUTEN-FREE PROMISE – With all of our games you are going to at all times get the full game with no commercials or extra purchases!

Download the Wildlife Simulator: Crocodile and rule the swamps as one of the deadliest hunters of all-time, the Crocodile!

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