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December 1, 2014 at 12:20 am

XCOM®: Enemy Within v1.2.0 Apk



XCOM®: Enemy Within is a standalone expansion to the 2012 technique recreation of the year XCOM®: Enemy Unknown and it is now on hand on GooglePlay devices! Enemy Within features the core gameplay of Enemy Unknown plus more thrilling content material.

Inspect the brand new soldiers, abilities, enemies, maps, missions, and multiplayer mode for the recent new technique gaming experience!

• New Soldier Abilities: Research a new alien expertise to develop the capabilities of your operatives. New expertise contains genetic modifications of soldiers and mechanized cybersuits.

• New Weapons and Equipment: Give your operatives an additional tactical area with new tasks out of your engineering team and the Foundry.

• New Enemy Threats: Adopt new tactics to counter the threats from two new alien varieties and a lethal new group referred to as EXALT.

• New Strategic Resource: A valuable new alien resource, known as Meld, has been discovered. Secure it on the battlefield and use it sparsely again at base to unlock new analysis and improvements.

• New Story Elements: Investigate a terrifying threat in an abandoned fishing village, and protect the XCOM headquarters from alien assault in a collection of recent plat-driven missions.

• New Multiplayer maps, devices, and talents: Create your customized squad from a much broader array of options and dominate your opponent in intense, one-on-one, turn-based matches.

NOTE: XCOM: Enemy Within is a graphically rich game with advanced features. To OPTIMIZE your playing experience, you may want to turn off other apps before playing.

The content of this videogame is fictional and isn’t meant to represent or depict an actual record of the occasions, individuals, locations, or entities in the game’s setting. The makers and publishers of this videogame do not in anyway suggest, condone or motivate enticing in any conduct depicted in this videogame.

What’s New
Fixed an issue preventing the game from launching on devices running Android 5.0


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