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December 10, 2014 at 11:31 pm

Zombie Shooter Game v3.03 [Mod Money] Apk



Relieve our planet of ferocious monsters! The whole world is in danger and desires you and your expertise to put it aside from the terrible enemy. Crazy cool 3-d graphics shall send your heart racing. You are going to no longer be able to put the game aside, not for a minute! Are you prepared for the bloody combat? Mutants are waiting!

On February 15th, 2015 a meteorite hit the Earth close to New York with devastating end result. The radiation delivered to lifestyles the “Z-Sector” – home for all varieties of zombies and different monsters. They hunt individuals and devour them alive or develop into identical monsters. The infection spreads so quick, that quickly the entire Earth will be invaded.
You’ve been sent by the Army to purge the contaminated sector. With a purpose to maintain low profile and to not set off panic among civilians your mission is called “Invasion-Z”. You don’t have any thought what awaits you on the spot: living dead, egg-headed lizards, multi-tooth spider and other monsters produced by the radiation are ready to devour you alive.
The placement is additional sophisticated through dense fog and tall grass, inhabited by predatory creatures able to devour or sting you,
Fifteen ranges lay beforehand of you and each of them will greet you with new undead monsters. Attempt to grow to be a marksman – one miss and your blood and monsters’ saliva will flood the screen.
You’ll battle the nasty corpses and different monsters with actually current weapons – Army’s living classics. Use rugged guns, rifles and grenades to secure the “Z-Sector”. The ammo can be acquired while exterminating the mutants.
Colorful and filled with motion graphics and high quality results shall make the damaging travel an exhilarating interest. Real zombies and monsters try to catch you at the back of of the reveal of your device!
Download the game “Invasion-Z” to your device now and enjoy the bloody fight with the monsters!


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Download File
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