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September 22, 2014 at 10:43 am

Age of Civilizations v1.0.8 Apk



Age of Civilizations is a flip-based totally technique recreation by which your object is to dominate the arena.

• Maps:
– Earth sooner than each and every spherical. The selection of orders which you can publish throughout every spherical is proscribed by means of your Motion Factors for that spherical.
• After orders are submitted, civilizations execute movements in flip order, which is randomized in the beginning of every spherical.

• Map
– The capital is an important province in a civilization. Should you lose your capital for 3 turns, your civilization will now not exist. Should you seize any other civilization’s capital, you acquire all of its provinces. Capitals have a protective bonus: +15% and an offensive bonus: +15%. Capitals have all constructions already built.
– Clear provinces are impartial. Provinces with shade belong to different civilizations.
– Which you could scale the map. To return to the usual scale, double faucet the map. If scale is rather than same old on minimap one can find ‘!’ in high proper.
– Use the Financial system and Inhabitants buttons to view every province’s Financial system and Inhabitants values. Use the diplomacy button to view each and every province’s proprietor and interact in diplomacy (see Orders- Diplomacy View).

• Treasury
– Cash is delivered to your treasury thru profits tax, which is primarily based off your civilization’s whole inhabitants and economic system. Cash is subracted out of your treasury for defense force maintenance, which is based totally off your quantity of militia devices (devices at sea have a better maintenance than gadgets on land).


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