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April 17, 2014 at 12:00 pm

AIVC (Alice) – Pro Version v3.2 Apk

Alice is your individual assistant. Alice permit you to do issues fast and simply.
With Alice, Android customers get a useful assistant at hand, which knows extra than simply instructions.

Which you could have a dialog with Alice, provide her directions or ask for normal phrases of knowledge.



At the moment Alice can show you how to with following features:
Name, SMS, E-mail, Translation, Navigation, Alarm, Timer, App Launcher, Calculator, Fb, Websearch, Climate, Search pictures.. and plenty of many extra.

That you could additionally outline your personal instructions with Alice and you have got the chance to keep an eye on gadgets that are available by means of an online interface.

Further to the lite model: Calendar, Play Track / Movies and Receiver Regulate for Enigma2, Dialog-Mode, Pay attention in Historical past.

Alice is aware of quite a bit and is continuously studying new issues, some examples:

– Do I want Sun shades?
– How some distance is it from New York to San Fransisco?
– How excessive is the Eiffel tower?
– How is the film Inception?
– Have you learnt any excellent video games?
– What’s the inventory value of Google?
– Do I’ve unread messages?
– Director of Inception
– Zap to CNN
– Arrange a gathering on monday at 12 o’clock espresso with Megan
– How does my day appear on friday?
– Play Whitney Houston – Step-by-step
– Exhibit me my photos
– How’s the climate?
– Name John Smith
– Ship a message to John i’m coming later
– Wake me up in 1/2 an hour
– What’s 5 + 7 * 3
– What number of contacts do I’ve?
– What number of songs do I’ve?
– Set Timer for 20 seconds
– What’s the definition of aspirin
– Translate into german howdy how are you
– Begin WhatsApp
– What’s 5 meters in miles
– Have you learnt Barack Obama
– Navigate me to the subsequent McDonald’s
– Make the sunshine on
– Express me New York on the map
– What number of contacts do i’ve?
– Publish on Fb what’s up?
– Seek for pizzeria in New York
– Who’s Angela Merkel?
– Mute / Silent
– Navigate to New York
– What’s the capital of Germany
– How many individuals reside in Berlin?
– How outdated is Rihanna?
– When is her birthday?
– Express me an image of Michael Jackson
– and so on…

What’s New
Model: 3.2
– RSS-Feeds on the supervisor – Combine your personal RSS-Feeds or Newsfeeds and show them (Express directions)
– Convey information / Exhibit (well being/expertise/politics) information
– Miele GateWay – Ask knowledge of your family home equipment (PRO model)
– Enhanced get up operate
– Twitter Bugfix
– Beep Bugfix
– many Bugfixes


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