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January 12, 2015 at 11:01 pm

Big Lens v1.0.0 Apk



=== Big Lens Brings DSLR-Level Depth Of Field To Your Mobile Device ===

=== One of the best way to improve your Mobile Phone Camera ===


==Smart Focus System==
Simply use your finger tricks to focal point your photography with none earlier information in Depth-of-Field. You should use general geometric shapes or a lasso tool to auto-focus your target, or that you can make a selection evolved mode to manually outline your focal point space. Smart Focus will then robotically refine your choice with precision.

==Aperture Control==
Adjust the aperture in Big Lens with a single gesture to immediately exchange the blur degree of the out-of-focus space. Larger apertures blur the heritage extra! Offers 9 distinctive lenses that enable out-of-focus light points to blur into shapes like hearts and stars (Bokeh effect). This great tool turns simple-looking backgrounds into atmospheric backdrops.

==Filter Effects==
Greater than 18 filters that assist you to reinforce colour, elevate distinction, or add Lomo effects. The end result is unbelievable filter simulation outcomes proper from your Phone.

==Instant Focus/Blur Tool==
Have the ability to right away alter the point of interest and blur space with their fingers very quickly. Use easy gestures to toughen and retouch focal areas to make the subject of your photos really pop!

==Before & After Preview==
Let you examine before & after pictures to make sure they get the precise outcome they’re looking for. You can review your pictures at any time right through your make-over process.


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Download File
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