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March 26, 2014 at 9:20 am

Emperor Legend, the Best Sango SLG Game You Have Never Played

Emperor Legend, a brand-new Three-Kingdom Period based online simulation strategy mobile game with delicate graphics, game playing and story line finally comes to players! As an online simulation strategy game but different with its counterparts, the Emperor Legend goes with enjoyable gaming experience.



Genuine & Fresh Traditional Dungeons

Richer than ever, the actual Emperor Tale characteristics history in the Three-Kingdom Amount of Tiongkok, reproducing a brief history of folks being affected by chaos as well as warlordism, as well as background within immediate need to have involving unity. And you will probably proceed through historically-famous struggles, including Battle involving Red Cliffs as well as Battle involving Yi Ling, in order to fight in excess of 1000s of figures as well as players on the web in order to expand your own land as well as sense knowledge as well as approach involving traditional well-known generals as well as professional much like the st . involving battle, Guan Yu (Kuan Kung) as well as crouching dragon, Zhuge Liang.

Emperor Legend1

Emperor Legend

Unique Analysis and also Develop System

Inside Emperor Legend, distinct struggle systems protecting military, buy and sell, variety learning resource, tool and so on, waiting that you should study and also create, through which you might receive unexpected wonderful high-level tool and also important learning resource. Including in the actual state, anyone, not only represent the state innovator but the strategist, will enjoy funs in order to use and also create grill soil, market, barrack, farmland, market, corporation and so on. And also teaching good guy, recruitment, patrol and also dealing and so on allow you to turn into a thorough emperor leading state matters it doesn’t matter how large or even little.

Emperor Legend2

Emperor Legend2

Specific Individualized Heroes
Not just Guan Yu as well as Zhuge Liang, this Emperor Star insures virtually all famous generals, warlords, advisors, dance and so forth in the Three-Kingdom Period. Heroes with Emperor Star unique abundant as well as unique features with a wide variety special abilities, as well as main character deployment in various arrays provides you with unexpected result as well as shock with battlefield. And you also gonna furthermore enjoy fight dealing with by means of deployment involving numerous proficiency as well as techniques involving heroes with Emperor Star. Also, heroes with Emperor Star get adjustable recognized situation as well as job, which in turn aids you to achieve more success as well as permit you to expertise more true persona as well as realize more choices!

Emperor Legend3

Emperor Legend3

Fantastic Challenge Technique
Emperor Icon packed with abundant products associated with affiliate marketer using different abilities, arrays associated with multiple different levels intended for combat, and become a member of the truly amazing corps struggle, all the while some sort of corps chief, to fight numerous opponent avid gamers with your pal avid gamers jointly intended for higher success. Whenever you develop powerful, ceremony overcome some other avid gamers immediately, catch the source, affiliate these individuals along with acknowledge the gratitude, as being a genuine emperor. In addition to aside from foes, you additionally acquire odds to take up the actual fairly neutral metropolitan areas easily intended for far better condition growth. Additionally, the actual area and also the coliseum exactly where quite a few elites accumulate tend to be interesting locations to show ones strength way too, with which you may beat professionals with coliseum or maybe win sixty four matches inside area to elevate ones get ranking!

Emperor Legend4

Emperor Legend4

Certainly, aside from capabilities above, your Emperor Story obtains a number of other exciting items similar to idol product process, test structure, mysterious look, reference claim for example, in addition to all those usually are expecting ones joining!
Safeguard as well as invasion, good results as well as failing, that’s just about all your choice! Subscribe to Emperor Story to help overcome the modern globe in addition to obtain your brand-new star!

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