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January 1, 2015 at 5:49 am

ET Contact Tool v2.1 [build 10007] Patched Apk



A handy reference information of the confirmed CE-5 ET contact protocol, including
textual content written through Dr. Greer in addition to audio and video subject matter, compass and magnetometer.

The app was designed for use within the box the place Internet connectivity isn’t to be had. On the other hand when the app is run for the primary time, it requires Internet get right of entry to to obtain the media file (simply over 110MB, you get various nice content material). Also, there are hyperlinks within the text provided within the app that hyperlink to exterior web sites that require Internet get entry to to make use of.

NOTE: The media file obtain that occurs when the app is run for the first time can, relying in your data plan, incur further fees. If that is your case, we counsel you defer buying this app except you’re in a local the place you’ve unmetered or cheaper price Web get admission to (corresponding to dwelling or place of business WiFi connectivity). In any case, neither Outer World Apps nor CSETI is responsible for any extra costs.

The Guide part includes the next themes:
* Introduction
* * How to Use This App
* * Setting Up Your Phone
* Contact Protocols
* * Overview
* * Preparations
* * Meditation and CTS (audio)
* * Making Contact (audio)
* What to Search for
* * Sorts of Phenomena
* * Evening Sky Phenomena
* * Close-Proximity Phenomena
* * Electromagnetic Phenomena
* Reference Guide
* * Extra Gear
* * About CSETI
* * The Disclosure Challenge
* * The Orion Venture
* * Dr. Steven M. Greer
* * Word list of Phrases
* * Instructed Studying List
* * Credits and Copyrights

The Tones part offers audio that is of interest:
* Crop Circle Tones (audio)
* Mt. Shasta Tones (audio)
* CSETI Logo in 3-D (audio)
* Fibonacci Sequence (audio)

The Meditations part gives guided meditations:
* Box Meditation (audio)
* Construction of the Universe (audio)

The Examples part illustrates some noticed phenomena:
* Alleged Satellites (video)
* Alleged Meteors (video)
* Orbs (video)
* Compass Polarity Shifts
* Radar Detector Indicators (audio)
* Craft in Ultraviolet
* Disc Over the Ocean
* Rio Rico Craft

There’s additionally an Instruments page which has magnetometer associated data (direction/compass and magnitude), with an alarm that will alert when the magnitude of the magnetic box exceeds a given price.

NOTE: The contraptions don’t work well on some telephones as a result of the sensors within the tool. Now and again a calibration process helps, try rotating the telephone in all guidelines on all three axes then see if the compass responds correctly. Other than that, there may be nothing we will do to fix it. Comparing with different compass apps on the identical telephone frequently yields identical signals. However, the units aren’t the primary emphasis of the app, the textual content and multimedia content is. Finally, please don’t buy the app should you require the gadgets to work appropriately.

What’s New:
Set up app on inner flash instead of SDcard flash. Nonetheless makes use of SDcard flash for media file.
fix ArrayIndexOutOfBoundException
Fixed auto-repeat for Tones part that might sometimes fail.
Fixed clean compass display said on some gadgets.
Let audio play even after screen darkens.


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Download File
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