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April 20, 2014 at 9:30 am

[FULL] Chemik PRO Cool Chemistry Tool v1.3.2

Name Of The App:
Chemik PRO Cool Chemistry Tool


Chemist will assist you to in chemical duties!
You don’t have to understand the whole lot with the aid of coronary heart! Chemist software shall be sufficient!





Use the Periodic Desk similar to a pc keyboard.
The chemist will convey you that you can think of merchandise and steadiness the chemical response! All it’s important to do is enter the reactants.
With the Chemist you’re going to research the whole thing you wish to comprehend in regards to the parts, compounds and chemical reactions.
Small print :
Chemist comprises names, designs, and plenty of different choices for greater than 1,500 chemical substances.
Chemist presentations the response merchandise of over 2,000 chemical reactions and balances them right away .
Chemist balances all redox reactions .
Chemist contains a lot of details about compounds, the weather and chemical reactions.
Choices for compounds:
– Molecular weight
– Structural method
– Molecular formulation
– dissociation
– Oxidation
– The ratio
– Atomic composition
– Chemical persona
– Focus charges
– Molar focus
– Form of bond
Choices for parts :
– Basic data
– Electronegativity
– Details about the atom
– The construction of the atom
Choices for chemical reactions :
– Verbal report
– Ion document


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