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May 5, 2014 at 9:30 am

[FULL] Math Helper – Algebra Calculus v3.1.3 Apk

Math Helper is the best, biggest and easiest application on the market, which solves mathematical problems and shows step by step solution.

It’s easy – you enter mathematical problems and get the answer, detailed solution and a theory reference.



[✔] Linear Algebra – Operations with matrices (solving matrix)
[✔] Linear Algebra – Solving systems of linear equation (from 2 to 10 equation at a time)
[✔] Vector Algebra – Vectors (vectors problems)
[✔] Vector Algebra – Geometry Shapes (geometry – triangles, pyramids, planes)
[✔] Calculus – Derivatives (derivatives of the function, of a function defined parametrically, of an implicit one)
[✔] Calculus – Indefinite Integrals (integrals solver, antiderivative)
[✔] Limits (limits calculator solver)
[✔] The theory of probability (probability theory, mathematical statistics)
[✔] Calculus – The number and sequence (prime factorization, lcm and gcd, complex numbers, arithmetic and geometric progressions and numbers, Diophantine equation, Euler function)
[✔] Function plotter (interactive graph plotter)
[✔] Also contains great scientific calculator and theoretical reference textbook
Math Helper is an universal assistant app for step by step solving mathematical problems for Algebra 1-2, Calculus (integral, derivatives, antiderivative, vectors, matrices (matrix), limits, equation, shapes, number etc) for school, secondary, college and university students and everyone who learn.
It allows you not only to see the answer or result of a task, but also a detailed step by step solution.
Also great feature is built-in scientific calculator and reference textbook – much easier to learn.

✧ 10 topics and 60+ sub-section.
✧ Localization for Russian, English, Italian, French, German and Portuguese
✧ Intel ® Learn Series Alliance quality mark
✧ EAS ® approved
✧ More than 10’000 customers all over the world supported development of Math Helper by doing purchase
✧ The application is equipped with a convenient multi function calculator and extensive theoretical reference textbook to learn better
Derivatives, antiderivative, limits, geometric shapes, the task of statistics, probability theory, matrices or matrix (large spectrum of tasks with matrices (matrix) supported), systems of equation, vectors and other mathematical solving – this and more in Math Helper!

What’s New
– Improved Limits and Integration functions
– Usability improvements and bugfixes (19+ bugs fixed)
– Critical bugs fixed


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