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May 25, 2014 at 9:30 am

[FULL] MinMinGuard [AD Remover] v1.7.2 APK

MinMinGuard (AD Remover) v1.7.2
Requirements: 2.2+, Root, Xposed Framework
Overview: That is an app that utterly cast off commercials within apps.



That is an app that totally get rid of commercials within apps and supply following features which is healthier than AdBlock:

1. Absolutely do away with the commercial. That you can discover that AdBlock and AdAway simplest stops displaying the advert content material, nevertheless it can’t dispose of the empty box that used to be at the start taken via the advert. MinMinGuard can absolutely put off the empty box!

2. Light-weight. Various advert doing away with apps (AdBlock and so forth) repeatedly run a heritage VPN provider, which places a heavy loading on the device. MinMinGuard does no longer wish to run a VPN carrier, so it saves device instruments and, as a result, extends the battery lifestyles.

3. Per App Atmosphere. MinMinGuard allows you to make a choice which apps you wish to have to put off advertisements from. If you happen to most effective need to eliminate commercials from a number of apps, MinMinGuard is your best possible answer.

UI: click on app icon in MinMinGuard can restart the app
Identify-based totally blockading offered.
API-primarily based blockading: Vpadn advert community delivered
API-primarily based blocking off: HODo advert community brought


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