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January 15, 2015 at 1:47 am

Handyman Calculator Pro v2.2.5 Apk



Complete construction calculator with simple inputs. Easy to make use of and really fast as neatly. Neatly examined through 200,000+ contractors and residential owners. Supply it a are attempting!

The app for construction! Reduce Waste, Save Time and Money!

Calculate supplies, monitor time spent on tasks, and keep calculations to a notepad.

Time Tracking tool
To-do list

Feet and Inches Calculator
Woodworker Calculators
Electrical calculators
Metre,CM and MM Calculator(+,-,*,/)
Feet,inches TO Metre,cm,mm Conversion

Fraction Calculator
Fraction Simplification
Square Footage Calculator
Cubic Footage Calculator
Square feet to Cubic feet Calculator

Mowing Calculator
Electric Charge Conversion
Fuel Consumption Conversion
Enthalpy Conversion
Led Resistor Calculator including Series and Parallel
Frequency, Wavelength and Energy Converter

What’s New
Miles Per Gallon(MPG UK) Calculator
Miles per Hour to Revolutions per Minute(MPH to RPM)
Added Carat unit to weight conversion

Note: all pro features available. no needed key file.


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Download File
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