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January 23, 2015 at 1:12 am

Headset Button Controller v8.0 Apk



Headset Button Controller is a small utility that turns the button on a wired headset right into a remote control in your track participant – and much more!

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Headset Button Controller may be very configurable, permitting you to play song, exchange tracks, regulate quantity, resolution telephone calls, start Voice Command and many different issues, simply by using clicking the button to your headset.

Once you have configured Headset Button Controller together with your preferences, it runs within the background the usage of virtually no CPU. It’s shipped with a default configuration profile, but that you may trade nearly each motion carried out. It has been examined with a wide variety of various Android units and tune apps and works with both single-button headsets, and Android-specific 3-button headsets.

Default configuration for single-button headsets (center button for 3-button headsets):
* Single press: play / pause (+ resolution call / finish call)
* Double press: subsequent monitor (+ decline call / mute microphone)
* Triple press: earlier monitor
* Quadruple press: previous track (2x)
* Long press: Volume control
* Press and hold: Quick ahead [3]
* Double press and hold: Rewind [3]
* Triple press and hold: disabled

All the above options are configurable to any of the next:
* Stop
* Play / pause
* Subsequent monitor
* Earlier monitor
* Earlier monitor (twice)
* Mute / unmute
* Voice command
* Voice search
* Redial final quantity
* Say current time (Text-To-Speech required)
* Launch app
* Tasker task [1]

Additionally the lengthy press options are configurable to any of the next:
* Volume control [2]
* Rewind [3]
* Quick ahead [3]

With a 3-button headset, quantity keep watch over can be configurable with the left and proper headset buttons.
[1] You probably have the Tasker app put in, that you can specify any task – search for ‘Tasker’ within the Android Market
[2] Whereas the button is held down, the amount is at the start reset to the minimal limit (see below) after which raised unless the button is released
[3] Now not each track participant app supports rewind / quick ahead

Music app selection
You’ll be able to choose which put in song app you wish to have to control with Headset Button Controller.
Volume control features

Headset Button Controller remembers the tune extent when the headphone is unplugged and may restore it when the headphone is plugged in once more.
* Min volume limit: Start extent stage of the ‘volume control’ command
* Max extent restrict: Ensures that the headset track extent by no means exceeds this restrict
* Extent regulate pace: Specify how fast you wish to have the quantity to be elevated when the use of the long press option

Call features
You’re additionally in a position to regulate calls with the headset button:
* solution call / finish call on single press (configurable)
* decline call / mute microphone on double press (configurable)
* modify volume right through a call (see volume control)
* announce caller name (Text-To-Speech required)

Which you can additionally configure Headset Button Controller to mechanically resolution an incoming call after a configurable delay.
Headset plug in / out

That you may configure an motion to be performed when the headset is plugged in / out. By default the song will get stopped in case you unplug your headset.

You can create different ‘configuration profiles’ which which you can change between. Add a widget (1×1) to your own home reveal to simply alternate your profile. It is also imaginable to modify profile from the ‘Tasker’ or ‘Locale’ app. All settings can be backed up on SD card.

* Headset Button Controller can not reinforce the separate extent regulate buttons on the iPhone headset – this is a limitation of the Android framework.
* Ensure that this app does now not get stopped by a task killer (the heritage process consumes virtually no CPU).

What’s in this version : (Updated : Jan 20, 2015)
Fix Android Wear battery drain
Added Turkish translation
Jelly Bean: The lengthy press instructions of the heart button are reserved by Google Now and can’t be configured with this app.
Headset Button Controller can’t toughen the separate extent keep watch over buttons on the iPhone headset – this is a limitation of the Android framework.


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