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November 16, 2014 at 9:41 am

Maximus Draughts v1.11 Apk



Enjoy the game of international draughts (or 10×10 checkers) at a but extraordinary degree for pills and smartphones.

Maximus, the 2011 Dutch Open and Olympic computer draughts champion, is now available for Android! In 2012, Maximus played a in shape towards former draughts World Champion Alexander Schwarzman, leading to a slim defeat (five draws and one loss). Maximus was once operating on a personal computer laptop, which is of course extra highly effective than a cell tool. Nevertheless, you are going to to find Maximus to be a fierce opponent in your pill or smartphone!

You don’t should be an professional participant to revel in Maximus, then again, as there are various ranges of problem. Beginning with a stage to discover the principles of the sport, at which Maximus all the time performs a random transfer. Then there are seven coaching ranges, from novice to skilled, which you can are trying prior to you start giving Maximus extra time to suppose. Improve your play by means of inspecting your games with Maximus and finding out out of your errors. That you could additionally use this system as a draughts go back and forth set or as a draughts notation booklet, and even for your draughts competition if you are one player short!

* Available in 8 languages (Dutch, English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Chinese)
* Strong engine with 4 enjoying modes: 1) ideas of the game plus 7 coaching ranges; 2) seconds per transfer; 3) time time table; 4) Fischer system
* Multicore processor support and adjustable reminiscence utilization
* Puzzling over possibility (considering within the opponent’s time)
* Player vs. Maximus, Player vs. Player, and Maximus vs. Maximus modes
* Intuitive interface with drag & drop or tapping to enter your moves
* Transfer enter support, transfer trace and lend a hand operate
* Undo and redo moves; browse your game using the Notation screen
* Replay and analyze your game afterwards
* Automated prognosis of your game, and a graph with search/analysis values
* Save, load, email and import games and positions in Portable Draughts Notation format (PDN)
* Randomly selected opening ebook strikes present all kinds in games
* Display of draughts clock, square numbers (optional), and engine information and main version (optional)
* Other options: turn board, setup position, automatic replay
* Main differences with the PC version (not available): smaller opening book, no endgame database
* No Ads


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Download File
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