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December 2, 2014 at 9:44 am

Signal Guard Pro v3.8.0 Apk



SignalGuardPro real-time monitoring sign high quality and dealing situation of your cell phone.

[Suceessful Case]:
1. losing signal problem of Motorola Phone 4G.
2. Signal block problem of Samsung S3,Note2.
3. Unregistered drawback of Samsung android collection as S4,S3,Note2,Note3.
4. Signal offnet or diving problem of cell phone

[Function Description]

1) cellphone communications signal restore funtion to revive damaged and vulnerable community, enhance signal.
2) cellphone baseband lock, base station refresh operate to enhance the mobile phone sign quality.
3) WIFI connection management, improve the diagnostic operate to toughen WIFI connection rate.
4) Sign energy saving perform to avoid wasting cellphone power, extend standby time.
5) monitoring cellphone signals work status , double icon shows the quantity of telecommunications signals.
6) Use combination of sound, vibration, LED three ways to remind lost signal and signal network restored.
7) Record logs of losing signal and restore signal network, for check and management later.
8) The app will also be set in addition from the start, present entire time monitoring.
9) Support the entire instrument and hardware of Android fashions out there. Support monitoring and restoring the signal even the cellphone is in standby or hibernation mode.


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